Software: Blender, Photoshop, After Effects.
I created an animated Converse 3D product placement. The choice of a rich burgundy color was intentional. Burgundy represents a sense of sophistication and timelessness, the same as the classic Converse shoe. Additionally, 2024 is considered to be the year of the dragon, which is symbolized by the same red hue. The glow gives it a clean and 'new' vibe, while also adhering to the New Year's 'glowy and sparkly' spirit. The portrait orientation would work perfectly for Instagram stories or reels. 
I sketched the concept first, then started playing with the idea in Blender. When I liked the end result, I rendered the image and fixed the color correction and contrast in Photoshop. Then, when I was satisfied with the result, I took the animated sequence to After Effects and added the text and the logo.

Progress shots:
Afterward, I also decided to play around with the Nike and Converse logos and make them squishy, explosive and alive! The Converse logo looks like a black puffer jacket being inflated. The Nike logo looks gelly-like but then bursts like a water balloon.
In-progress snippets:

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